Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Roses..

My kids like the cartoon Tom & Jerry so much. If allowed they get glued to the TV/Computer for hours and hours together. It’s common sight at my home, to see them both sit side by side & keep starring at the TV/computer.

I see them enjoy the cartoon, with giggle, laugh and joyous exclamations ....'very funny' … from my 5 year old daughter & 2 year old son.
The thought that often strike me seeing their joy is “How Innocent …!! my adorable little darling ...

I don’t think anyone will differ with me in reading the innocence in kids & their action.
Incidentally let me mention that there are many references and comparison to innocence & children by many great artists & philosophers.

For instance the painting L'Innocence by famous French painter William-Adolph Bouguereau is one among them where the painter has depicted a child & a lamb as symbol of innocence.

Yet another symbol of innocence is ‘white roses’. Across the world white roses is considered as the symbol of Everlasting Innocence and Purity.

Thus the quality of innocence by any means traditionally been embodied as most adorable & admirable quality across the globe.

As I do always; my mind went around the path of defining innocence; evaluating innocence, the pros and cons of being innocent. The innocence I find in children, the appearance of a lamb, and more in to an intimate level, the characteristic of innocence in my own kids.

Is it their ability to enjoy what they do to the fullest that caused me to spot the quality innocence in my kids while they were watching the cartoon?
Or is it their ability to get involved in what they like without bothering about the surrounding?

In the net I read the definition of innocence as follows “the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking knowledge of evil”

For a kid it is
- Freedom from guile, cunning, or deceit.
- Lack of worldliness or sophistication..
- Freedom from harmfulness …

When I see them innocent, my love & affection grows multi fold. I love them extra for them being so innocent.

Kids are innocent for being: - not aware of the evil world around, for being naive to recognize the world of hardships, pain & sorrows, for being too pure in heart not to recognize the world hatred, the world of cunningness and deceit…..

But the ambiguity or haziness I confront is; Do I want them to be innocent always ; as they currently are?


- for them to be loved by the brighter side of the world.
- for them to be admired & adored like white roses…
- for them to be the proponents of peace & harmony and enjoy the beauty of life to the fullest.


- for them not to be too naïve to recognize the evil world around.
- for them to be smart enough, not get hurt by the hatred mongers & sophisticated fanatics.

My paradox and irony continues …

After seeing the wreckage of 9-11 in Manhattan, after seeing the battered bodies under fallen debris, When knowing that those bodies are somebody's son, husband, daughter, wife, mother, father....
How do I teach them that there is world that may pounce up on you for no fault of yours but still be brave & courageous, always focus on the brighter side around… , unless you have that virtue, you cannot defend any other ...

After seeing human remains splashed all over the streets of Mumbai & many other Cities across India, by numerous attacks of terror & bomb blast..How do I teach them that there are People unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Ignore them & forgive them…

After reading the news that a Pregnant women’s womb was slit opened by religious fanatics in Gujarat & threw the fetus in to fire; for being a in the womb of a woman belong to a specific community, How do I teach my kids that even when being the purest and innocent; world can accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives & pictures you as a threat….. but still be pure & innocent ?

When weeps of the nun who was gang raped & paraded naked in the streets of Orissa, still reverberate in my ears How do I teach my kids that even the highest degree of selfless service, sacrifice & good you do today may be forgotten by this world tomorrow, but still continue to do the good & good alone …

How do I teach you..that if you are honest & truthful, the world may cheat you, but still be honest…!

How do I teach you..that your serenity & happiness, may trigger the hatred & disgust for some , but still be happy …!!

How do I teach you..that if you are successful & triumphant in life you may make some false friends and some true enemies, but still be successful…!

How do I teach you my white roses …. carry a the abundance of peace , happiness, serenity, harmony , love within you,... continue to be the symbols of everlasting innocence & purity, carry the light of tranquility and truthfulness ....

Because , ...because it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness [Chinese Proverb]


  1. Your definition of PURITY is very pure. Personally, I dont want my kids to stay PURE all their make sure they don't get hurt. And I would prefer them to be SACRED SINNERS than TAINTED SAINTS like you mentioned in your previous blog.

    Thanks for the beautiful thoughts. I enjoyed it as much as I did 'Tainted Saints and Sacred Sinners'.

  2. Nice blog. Enjoyed reading.

    Innocence is a gift that a person looses as he begins to understand the human made world. It is difficult to retain that gift for long... Sometimes, people pushed to extremes escape from the reality and build their own innocent world... Unfortunately, it is considered a problem. A mental illness or a lack of maturity.

    I recommend not teaching them too early to loose their innocence, if you don't have to. "Early" depends on your surroundings, situations and which part of the world you live in.

    To the precious little ones, who make us remember the forgotten "innocence"...