Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why do I have two KIDS ?

A person has a set of characteristics that makes him unique. No two people in this world are said to be identical. And I think it’s true. You may find people looking alike. As per a statistics there are seven people in the world who are looking alike. But similarity in looks doesn’t mean two people are identical. There ‘n’ attributes which defines a person and personality.
I was just wondering, by death of a ‘Person’, a unique entity in this world cease to exist? Or is there any way that a person’s characteristics/attributes/qualities will carried forward?. Will the next generation can have all this qualities abstracted?
Would a person continue to exist in this world after death through his/her heirs? If so how much of him/her will continue to exist? Or what percentage of this entity ‘Person’ will continue to exist?
Would a ‘Complete’ person be carried forward through his next generation? In this case what is complete?. As far as I know we don’t have a quantitative measure to evaluate the completeness of a person or personality. I cannot say 50 units of this person is carried forward through his/her first son & another 50 unit is carried forward by his/her daughter and say a person is completely represented by the next generation. Because I have no measures to say this person in his completeness is 100 unit.
Then what is the ‘Complete’ person ? A reference to ‘complete person’ reminds me the advertisement logo used by apparel company Raymond ..!! “The complete man “. In my view the reference as complete is out of place in the slogan, what they are referring to is a perfect man. These two terms ‘complete’ & ‘perfect’ are not synonyms, but in certain context the meaning can get mixed up and create an impression that both are same. When referring to a person as perfect, it’s a personality with no flaws or negatives Or in mathematical terms ; if there are maximum of ‘x’ perfection possible in a person & y in-perfection for any person ‘P(xy)’ ,where ‘x’ and ‘y’ are ‘inverse derivatives’ – what I mean is as x increases y decreases and vice versa. That is when y tends to zero (y-->0) the value of p(xy) will represent a perfect man, an angel like one; where as the inverse, when x-->0 will be a evil – devilish, (the type of politicians in India who instigate butchering & rape of most gullible in the pretext of protecting the culture, faith, religion, cast, creed … and what not … just to grab ‘power’ & ‘loot’ definitely fall in this category.) .
Ok let me not deviate. So it’s not the term perfect or perfection that I want to talk about, but the term ‘Complete’. For me the most complete entity is the universe around, the planet earth, the sun, numerous stars I see, all these are complete on its own. The next questions for me is, how do I use the completeness of these heavenly bodies to measure the completeness of human being? One unique characteristic I see with complete entities in the universe is it’s shape. All are having the shape of a sphere, round, oval, circle. I think it’s the 360 degree , which is the sign of a completeness.
So If I measure a complete person as 360( degree ), a person completeness descends from his parents & I give credits to both parents, and hence suppose maximum/minimum of 180 degree can be contributed by each parent. So with a child, you have half of your unique attributes carried forward .. or abstracted. But with 2 children, will all 360 degree of yours be depicted ? Not likely, since there is no guarantee that you will be sharing mutually exclusive attributes with your children. More over siblings tends to have many things in common so it’s very unlikely that, you as a person will have all your characteristics summed up in your two kids. But it is certain, with this logic, that a complete (360 deg ) continuation of your characteristics won’t be possible without having ‘at least’ two heirs.

So I do have two kids..... !!!!!!!!!

Q: Do I believe in what I have written above?
Ans: It’s not about belief or fact; it’s about how my mind traversed on a fine day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

my crazy dossiers

Yup, this is my blog. Though I wanted to start one long back, didn’t get around doing it till today. I am yet to invent or define my behavioral attributes that makes it thorny to get started with anything new. Let me blame it on my DNA and move on.

When my mind is alert and vigilant; ….in occasions when I am all to myself, when my mind get to freely wander; it get stuck with such a crazy ideas & thoughts. In this mood I try to define logical relationship between the ideas/thoughts/feelings/incidents, which has no evident relationship. The relationship I try to define could be; some time statistical - an attempt to derive a pattern, some time mathematical… some time philosophical … I am not sure, I have ever been successful in doing so. But I think I haven’t always failed.

Doesn’t it sound crazy? For me too …!! on second thought....., most of the time, I find it crazy. So this blog most likely will have , such collection of my own narratives .... hence I named this blog as ‘my crazy dossiers’.
No, no… It’s not going to be insane scribbling always. Do let me know your comment.