Saturday, May 23, 2009

my crazy dossiers

Yup, this is my blog. Though I wanted to start one long back, didn’t get around doing it till today. I am yet to invent or define my behavioral attributes that makes it thorny to get started with anything new. Let me blame it on my DNA and move on.

When my mind is alert and vigilant; ….in occasions when I am all to myself, when my mind get to freely wander; it get stuck with such a crazy ideas & thoughts. In this mood I try to define logical relationship between the ideas/thoughts/feelings/incidents, which has no evident relationship. The relationship I try to define could be; some time statistical - an attempt to derive a pattern, some time mathematical… some time philosophical … I am not sure, I have ever been successful in doing so. But I think I haven’t always failed.

Doesn’t it sound crazy? For me too …!! on second thought....., most of the time, I find it crazy. So this blog most likely will have , such collection of my own narratives .... hence I named this blog as ‘my crazy dossiers’.
No, no… It’s not going to be insane scribbling always. Do let me know your comment.

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